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Sleeve Gastrectomy

There are several names to describe this procedure — vertical gastrectomy, sleeve gastrectomy or vertical sleeve gastrectomy. This is a newer laparoscopic procedure being performed for weight loss.

The sleeve gastrectomy involves removing the portion of the stomach that functions mainly as a storage receptacle for food. You are left with a small tube shaped stomach and it doesn’t take much food to make you feel full. This is similar in concept to the adjustable gastric banding procedure as it is a restrictive procedure, limiting the amount of food that you can consume.

Most studies show that the amount of weight loss with the sleeve gastrectomy is slightly less than with a gastric bypass but slightly more than with adjustable gastric banding.

The average hospital stay is 1-2 days. The estimated weight loss is 60-70% of excess weight typically within the first year.


  • Weight loss is much faster than with adjustable gastric banding
  • Weight loss is similar to gastric bypass
  • There is no implantable device as with adjustable gastric banding
  • The risk is lower than gastric bypass, yet the weight loss is similar
  • Can be converted to gastric bypass
  • Since there isn’t a mechanical device as with adjustable gastric banding, there are fewer food intolerances than with adjustable gastric banding


  • Sleeve gastrectomy is a newer procedure, thus it is less time-tested
  • It is non-adjustable like the adjustable gastric band
  • It is non-reversible
  • The risk is slightly higher than with adjustable gastric banding